Ion Assault is a videogame that first debuted on the Xbox 360 platform several years ago, but due to its popularity has also been ported over to the PC platform via  Steam. It has also been ported to the PlayStation 3 console. The easiest way to briefly summarize the game is to compare it to a modern-day Asteriods wherein you play from an isometric point of view in space, with the goal being to take as little damage as possible while destroying the things that could cause harm to your ship.


Gameplay revolves around dual/twin stick shooting mechanics to move your ship around. You don’t actually have ammo in our game, as you use a unique particle absorption tool to absorb the particles around you that would then make up your ammunition. These particles will generate within your ship and once you click your shoot button, a particle blast is fired that can destroy asteroids which then allow you to proceed in the game. The game draws comparisons to other twin stick shooter’s such as Geometry Wars in terms of overall environment and scenery, as well as graphical and particle fidelity. You will notice that in our game, there are a lot of colors and that is completely intentional to make the game as vibrant and as entertaining as possible. We’ve also made it a point to bring back the whole “high score” mentality of antique videogame culture. We found that most games these days do not use high scores as a measure of skill and we have made it a focus to bring that back in the name of gaming enjoyment.


Other features in the game include plenty of power ups, bosses, achievements, and special skills that you can apply to your own ship to customize and personalize your experience.

The game was developed by us, Coreplay, and published by Black Inc. originally for the Xbox Live Arcade when that was still a very popular and prominent thing in the Xbox gaming world. Coreplay is a German-based developer firm and through our release, we have made Ion Assault the first Xbox Live Arcade game ever developed coming out of Germany. We are very proud to have that honor. Essentially it was released as an indie title due to low budgets, but thankfully it was met with high praise and popularity that we were able to port it to other platforms such as the PlayStation Network as well as the Windows PC platform, with a release date of November 17, 2010. We released the game mainly in North America but also in Europe on the 23rd of September in 2009.


We want to thank Microsoft first and foremost for giving us the opportunity to work with them and publish our game on the XBLA indie game market. We also want to thank our publisher Black Inc. for helping us get the game across. Lastly we would like to thank the other networks that we have ported our game on such as the PlayStation Network and Microsoft Windows for allowing us to release the game on their platform and sell it with very high reception.


As stated again you can find our game on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. If using the Steam platform, any cheap gaming computer under $500 should be able to run the game smoothly. You can also find our PC requirements here.