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We decided to write this article is an old to the twin stick shooter genre, which admittedly is coming to a slow pace of releases. We made Ion Assault because of our love for the genre, so whenever we see other twin stick shooter games, we see them not as competition, but as representation of the genre we know and love as video gamers. Here is our list, straight from the staff of Coreplay, of our favorite games that utilize a dual stake control scheme.


Resogun, we’d say, is probably the most similar game to our Ion Assault game that launched on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Perhaps the most unique thing about Resogun is that the world or environment is not as open world is other games. Instead, you are placed inside of geometric cylinder that would be considered the map of the game. The level design based on this concept is really well done, and a huge reason why we can’t thank the developers enough for developing and being creative for the twin stick shooter genre. Other similarities with Resogun and Ion Assault are the power up mechanics as well as the colorful and vibrant graphical output.


Helldivers is again they came out on the PS4 a few years after it launched. We talked about the game before on this website, but if you don’t remember, it is a twin stick shooter game based on the planet Earth, where you have to defeat enemies that have taken over the planet. This is a really tight and controlled twin stick shooter game with plenty of customization elements contained inside of it. There are a variety of weapons to unlock and choose from, as well as certain skills that you can personalize your character with. Our staff loves this game because it focuses on co-op, which sadly is also a dying trend in the videogame industry, at least for couch co-op. Thankfully, the game also has online co-op, so you can play with up to three other people. The best thing about this, is that we were able to play local co-op with two players on our PS4 while also still be able to jump online with two other people to make up a total of four.

Pixel Junk Shooter

Pixel Junk Shooter is a twin stick game that focuses on the carnage of defeating enemies. While we won’t say this game lacks substance, we will say that it focuses heavily on gameplay mechanics rather than any story, RPG elements, or graphics. Still, the game is extremely fun and our staff as spent several hours playing the game and admiring the developers for continuing twin stick shooter genre.

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