The various achievements to unlock in Ion Assault

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The various achievements to unlock in Ion Assault

There are a ton of different achievements that you can unlock within the game that make it that much more fun to play over and over again. Here we will list the various achievements, how to get them, and for the less explanatory ones, there will be a tip or two to help you out. Keep in mind that these achievements work for the Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. They are all called different things depending on which platform you’re on (for example, a could be achievements or trophies). Nonetheless, they are the same achievements, and there is nothing different between ports.




This one is pretty simple. All you have to do is complete the single player campaign. There is no time limit or score threshold that you have to pass. The only requirement to get this achievement is to finish the single player campaign in its entirety.




The Hyperspeed achievement is unlocked when you finish a stage within 90 seconds. They could be any stage, so long as you finish it within the time limit.




This one all you have to do is complete any stage in the game without collecting a single power up. Keep in mind that power ups are extremely useful in the game, so unlocking this achievement might be a little bit hard, but hey that’s what it’s fluorite.




Destroy five asteroids with one shot.



Destroy seven asteroids with one shot.




Complete three stages in a row without losing a single life. To unlock this, you really have to focus on surviving the stages rather than getting higher scores in multipliers.



Score more than 500,000 points inside of the campaign.




Score more than 1,500,000 points inside of the campaign.


Rock ‘n roll


To complete this achievement, you have to destroy 50 of the take asteroids in a single game. Do note that this is within a single game, and not a single stage. Also take note that they have to be big asteroids, and not the little ones.


Putting up a fight


Score more than 500,000 points in survival mode. The achievements from here on out are going to be score based, meaning you have to focus on gaining as many multipliers and score distributors as possible within Ion Assault.


Hard to kill


Score more than 1 million points in survival mode.


The will to live


Score more than 2,500,000 points in survival mode.



Score more than 5 million points in survival mode.


Score more than 10 million point in survival mode.


High Score Hunter


Score more than 3 million points inside the campaign mode.

True skill


Score more than 5 million points in campaign mode.


That is it for the achievements for the game. Happy achievement hunting! If you need help with particular achievement, we’re sure are Steam discussion group will be very useful for you as the users there are still quite active.